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Submit an Event

This page includes:


Event Submission Form

To get an event posted on the Hunter website, it must be submitted through the Event Submission Form. Submitted events will be reviewed by the Hunter communications team and posted when appropriate.


Add the event's name. Limit the number of characters to 75 to avoid truncation in lists.

Event Description

Describe the event.

Event Time & Date

Event Start/End time field in event submission form

Event Time & Date field in event submission form.

Start/End options:

  • One all day event
  • One multi day event
  • An event on specific day at a specific time


Event Series

  • Schedule Multiple Events for an ongoing series of events in a range of days.
  • Recurrence Description will append a note in the Events list. See below.
Recurrence Description

Recurrence Description appears on hover in the event listing, if applied.

Event Image

This image will appear in the event and in the modules that feature the event. If left blank, the event will not appear in modules that require images. Choose a 1600 x 900 px JPG/PNG under 750 KB in size.

Additional Event Image

This image will appear in the body of the event.

Event Categories

Choose from dropdown an Event or Key Date type (used for filtering events).

Venue Details

Indicate where the event is located. Contact to add a new venue.

Organizer Details

Choose from a dropdown list of organizers. Contact to add a new organizer.

Event Website

Add link to a website people may go to for more information about the event or the event organization.

Event Contact

Add who people should contact to get more information about the event itself.

Submitter Information

Add who the communications team should contact to get more information about the event submission.

Additional Fields

  • Audience - Checkboxes to select who this event is of most interest to. More than one may be selected.
  • RSVP - Enter either an email or website address for RSVP purposes.
  • Custom Venue Label - to add additional location information
  • Custom Venue Room - if there is a room the event will occur in
  • Private Event - if checked event will not appear in the event listing

Event Cost

Leave blank to hide the field. Enter a 0 (zero) for events that are free or a dollar amount for paid events.


Get an Event Featured

To get an event featured on the Hunter homepage, or shared with another department, send an email to with a link to the article(s) and where you would like it featured or shared.