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Concentration-Camp Literature: Gulag and Nazi Camps - by Leona Toker

Unkosher: The Role of Organized Crime in the Kosher Food Trades, 1900 - 1920

Hunter@Home - From Hunter College to Holocaust Historian: Writing the Life of Lucy S. Dawidowicz

Shattered Homes: Jews Hiding During the Holocaust - by Natalia Aleksiun

Yitzhak Berger: Creation and Evolution in Traditional Jewish Thought

Hunter@Home - X Troop: The Secret Jewish Commandos of World War II

Daniel J. Walkowitz: [Re]Thinking Jewish Heritage

Jonathan Karp: Overrepresented Minorities?

Samuel Casper: From Grodno to Chicago to Pavlodar

Hunter's Leah Garrett Gives a Serious Talk About Mad Magazine