During this time when most students and staff are using technology for remote learning and work, there is a rise of virtual phishing scams. You might receive e-mails that are phishing schemes designed to look realistic, sometimes they will even have a address, with a link in the email used to gain access to your computer or request personal information. Some examples of these emails include but are not limited to, informing you that there is an audio message for you to listen to, a missed call, a gift card, that your hunter email has expired, or a student contacting you about job opportunities. Do not trust any unsolicited e-mails, download irrelevant files sent by unknown persons, transfer funds or personal information, and do not reply or click any links. We advise you to operate caution and if you are unsure of an email please forward to the ICIT Helpdesk.

For staff the helpdesk contact is:

For students the helpdesk contact is: