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Clone a Page



When you are creating a piece of content that is similar to another piece of content, you can save time by using Clone to duplicate the original into a new draft. Clone can be used on all content types - Pages, Events, News, etc.


In the list of content (e.g. list of pages), find the item you want to duplicate.

Hovering over the name displays functionality, you can choose Clone or New Draft.

screenshot of clone on hover

  • Clone - duplicates the page. It will appear in the list with the same name with an added '_' at the beginning of the title.
  • New Draft - duplicates and then opens the item so you can immediately start making changes. It will also have the same file name with an added '_' at the beginning


You can also clone an item you are currently editing. Next to the Publish/Update button is Copy to a New Draft. That will duplicate and then immediately open it for editing.