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Device Check


Always Check Content on Multiple Devices

Review the page on multiple device sizes for spacing and image placement.

You can look on your own devices if you have them or simulate using Developer Tools in these browsers.

Adjustments to look for:

  • Font sizes are readable (not too big or too small).
  • Font length is optimized (headings not too long, paragraph copy broken up into readable paragraph sections, etc.).
  • Text is wrapping around images as expected.
  • Table column widths are optimized.

Note: for TablePress tables to be scrollable on mobile you must select the 'horizontal scrolling' checkbox in the TablePress options.

Browser Developer Tools for testing on mobile devices

View > Developer > Developer Tools

    • This will split the screen.
    • At the top of the right side (left of ‘Elements’), select the small mobile/page icon.
    • This will bring up an additional menu on the left side of the screen where you can select the desired device sizes to check formatting.

Develop > Enter Responsive Design Mode

    • Select device icons at top to switch devices.
    • Click on same icon to change orientation of device.