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Event Feed Modules

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Event Feeds may be displayed in Grid or Carousel modules in order to promote the events. These modules can display public and password protected (but not private) articles from any event feed or site section. These modules will only be displayed when upcoming events are available, otherwise they will be hidden automatically.


  • If there is no Events content from the selected Site Section or News Feed, the module will not display.


Event Feed Module Types

Main Content Event Feed Modules

There are two Event Feed modules that can be placed in the main content area of any page. Both work the same way but display differently on the page. Events viewed from these modules will display in the feeds in reverse chronological order based on the published date when you click the previous and next buttons.


screenshot of carousel events feed module

Carousel - Events Feed - Displays up to 6 most recent events for the chosen feed/section in a horizontal module. This works well within the body of a page while not taking up a large amount of vertical space. There is an optional Call to Action link that can be used to link to all events.


screenshot of grid events feed module

Grid - Events Feed - Displays 1-3 rows of events. This module is a way to display some events within the context of a page. There is an optional Call to Action link that can be used to link to all events.

If you want to show all events on a page, use the Events Archive Template.


Right Column Events Feed - Displays 1 -3 news articles in the right column, with an optional Call to Action link that can be used to link to all events. This is an option on all page templates that include a right column.


Create or Edit an Events Feed Module


Grid Events Feed and Carousel Events Feed modules can be used on full width, left column and right column page templates.

The Right Column Events Feed module can only be right column page templates.

To Add a Module

Adding to the Main Content Area - Select Add Module and find the Carousel or Grid Events Feed to add the module to the main content area.

Adding to the Right Column - select News Feed to add to the right column.

To Edit a Module

Find the Grid Events Feed and Carousel Events Feed modules in the main content area, or the Events Feed module in the right column section of the WordPress CMS. Make any desired changes (See WordPress Options below) and then Publish the page.


WordPress Options

The WordPress CMS options related to Events Feeds are listed below. The standard header options apply to all.


screenshot of event cms fields

Desktop Items / Row

This determines how many items to show per row on a desktop browser (for mobile browsers, see Desktop Rows below). The smaller the number, the larger the individual events will display — showing more prominence.

Desktop Rows 

The Grid - Events Feed module also has an option to determine how many rows of items to show on a desktop browser.

On a mobile browser:

  • Carousels show 1 item and can be swiped to see all 6 items.
  • Grids show the total number of items determined by Desktop Items / Row multiplied by the Desktop Rows. For example, if a grid is set to 2 Desktop Items / Row and 2 Rows, 4 items will be shown on a mobile browser.

Back to Parent

When viewing an individual event, the breadcrumb will lead to one of the following choices:

  • The Events Landing Page - Use this option to display events from a Feed in the module and to have the event's breadcrumb take you to the News Landing Page filtered for that feed. Select the feed from the dropdown.
  • An Events Archive page - Use this option to display events from a Site Section and to have the article's breadcrumb take you to an Events Archive page in that Site Section displaying those events. Select the archive page from the dropdown. This dropdown list is automatically generated from available Event Archive Template pages.

Note that this selection also automatically determines the Call to Action link (see below).

Feed Selection / Events Archive Pages

This setting changes with the selection made in Back to Parent. Select from a dropdown of available choices.

Show Image

A toggle to select if you want the event image to display in the module. Note if no image is associated with the event, the event will not appear in this module.

Show Date

A toggle to select if you want the event date to display in the module. Recommended for content that is often refreshed.

Show Blurb

A toggle to display the event blurb under the event title.

Call to Action

This will add a link to see all the events in the feed or archive based on the selection made in Back to Parent. Copy is headline style (AP). Be specific (ex: "See More Hunter Events"), not generic (ex: "See More"), for users using screen readers. Note that the URL is automatically created so there is no need to enter one.