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Events Overview

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Events Overview

Diagram of how events work in the cms

Events (like Articles and People Profiles) have one entry in the CMS that can be pulled into one or more site pages. This allows the event to be edited in one place and changes to appear immediately everywhere that event appears.


Where Events Appear

Events appear in one or more places on the Hunter website.


When an Event is created, a page is automatically added to the Events section of Hunter's website (

Site Section

Site sections can use Left or Right Column templates to pull an entire Events feed. This would allow a site section to display it's own event listing.

Feeds & Modules

Events can also displayed in any other area of the site using Modules.



How to Get Your Content Featured

Section Editors may request that their content be featured in other relevant areas of the Hunter website, beyond just their section, through the Feature Me/Share Me tool in the WordPress CMS. The review and approval process is highly discriminating, and Site Editors who receive these requests will make determinations about whether to grant or deny them based on certain criteria.

More information about Feature Me / Share Me functionality.