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Article Page

Annotated screenshot of article page

Hunter news example article page: #1 breadcrumb navigation, # article header, #3 article content, #4 related link or download, #5 pagination, #6 right rail


Breadcrumb Navigation

The breadcrumb navigation (#1) allows users to easily go back to a feed that they came from or explore more on the news landing page.

Article Header

The article header area (#2) includes the title, published date and social sharing.

Article Content

This is an example of content (#3) created in a Basic Content Module. Additional modules may be utilized on article pages in the WordPress CMS.

Related Link or Download

For related downloads or links (#4) to outside websites, a special call to action and arrow are displayed.


Previous and next links (#5) are at the bottom of the page. They will display the previous and next articles within the feed the user is viewing. For example, if a user is looking at articles filtered by Students, they can see more Student articles using the previous and next links.

Right Rail

Article pages all display the same right column (#6).
Settings are in News / News Options.