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News Feeds

This page includes:


Where Feeds Appear

Site editors will use the News Feeds to curate the main site News area and modules that use the News Feeds throughout the site.

  • Only admins can create feeds.
  • Section Editors will use the Site Section taxonomy to place their News on their pages and create Archive Pages.

Instructions on how to create or edit a news feed module.


Feeds appear in the pages and modules below:


Main Site News Area
Tab content from corresponding feed


Hunter spotlight module from homepage screenshot

Homepage Spotlight
Module content from Spotlight feed


Hunter headlines news module on homepage screenshot

Homepage News
Module content from Hunter Headlines & Hunter in the News feeds


screenshot with right colum news feed circled

Landing Page News
Module content from Audience feed



Hunter news archive example screenshot

Section News Archive Page
Content from a feed or a section, can use Left Nav and Right Column templates


Feed Descriptions and Usage

The following feeds will pull collections of stories selected by the communications team into various modules throughout the website. Some of these collections will also be available as filters on the News page. All feeds will display stories from newest to oldest, according to pub date.

General News Feeds

All News
The communications team should select this feed for all articles. It will include all news stories approved by the team to be in the news area of the website, including Hunter Headlines (original content created by the communications team), Hunter in the News (stories that link to Hunter-related content in a third party source or Hunter institution, such as Roosevelt House), and articles that include downloads to important documents and studies.

Hunter Headlines (HH)
Original full-length news articles created or approved by the communications team.

Hunter in the News (HITN)
Stories that promote Hunter-related content in a third party source. Original titles and blurbs will be written by the communications team and built in WP with a download button or link to the original third-party source.

Select stories that represent Hunter’s “greatest hits.” Spotlight articles can include both HH and HITN stories.

Audience Feeds

The communications team should select at least 1 audience for every article, and up to 5, depending on who is featured in the story and who would be most interested in reading it. Audience feeds include:

Alumni & Friends
Graduates of Hunter College and donors, alumni accomplishments, major gifts, alumni events

Local events and performances, Roosevelt House, building and campus upgrades, community outreach programs

Professors, faculty awards and accomplishments (please keep “in memoriam” stories to a minimum)

Administrators, deans, etc.

Graduate, undergraduate, student awards, student events, CUNY and campus schools

Initiative Feeds

There are 6 initiatives on the website that contain both HH and HITN stories demonstrating the initiative's goals and accomplishments. The landing pages for each initiative will remain hand-curated, but they will eventually link to archive pages that will be automatically populated by the following feeds:

Creativity and the Arts
Art & theater reviews, new arts facilities, performances, MFA writing program, dance, music, professors’ prizes and awards, grants for arts leadership

Creating Connections
All in East Harlem projects, Brookdale Center, Nursing School awards, Jewish Studies updates, mentoring programs, Mental Health Service Corp, Roosevelt House

Financial Sustainability
Big donations for Baker Hall, Silberstein Student Success Center, The Peggy dance studio, Oshan family gift, Casa Lally townhouse

Investing in Research
Temple University grant, science faculty grants, NIH awards

Supporting Student Success
Special scholarships, honors, awards, graduation milestones, programs that support students

Building a Vibrant Campus
Ribbon cuttings and openings, Silberman School of Social Work, Multifaith Center, progress on new Science and health professions building

Feeds By Interest

Research and Creative Works
These HH and HITN stories appear in a carousel on the homepage and represent major accomplishments by faculty in research and the arts. The carousel will remain hand-curated, but will eventually link to an archive page that will automatically be populated by a feed.

Giving @ Hunter
These HH articles live on the Office of the President’s landing page and represent cover stories from past issues of Giving @ Hunter magazine. The communications team will be responsible for updating them by hand on an annual basis.

Schools & Institutions

Includes all news stories relevant to specific Hunter schools or Institutions or the people associated with them (faculty, staff, students). If a story is not directly affiliated with one of the schools or institutions below, the communications team should not select this feed.

Schools & Institution feeds:

    • Arts & Sciences
    • Education
    • Health Professions
    • Nursing
    • Silberman School of Social Work
    • Urban Public Health
    • Roosevelt House



How to Get Your Content Featured

You may request that your content be featured in other relevant areas of the Hunter website. The review and approval process is highly discriminating, and Site Editors who receive these requests will make determinations about whether to grant or deny them based on the following criteria.

More information about Feature Me / Share Me functionality.