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Request a People Profile Update or Addition

This page includes:

Request a Profile Update

There are two different sections in a People Profile and they are updated differently.

Contact Details:


  • The rest of the page must be created and edited in the WordPress CMS.
  • Common types of profile updates include:
    • Update profile copy
    • Update office hours
    • Add a profile photo (review requirements)
    • Add a profile section (e.g. publications)
    • Add/remove a person to a faculty/staff list in a Site Section
  • Only Site Editors may update People Profiles. To request changes to the profile, send a request to with the name and desired changes.


Request a New Profile

If you're a faculty or staff member at Hunter College, your People Profile will appear on the Hunter website along with your photo and contact information from the Faculty Staff Directory. Profiles describe your accomplishments and responsibilities at Hunter, but are not a CV. The goal is to create an engaging snapshot of who you are and what you do at Hunter.

To request a new People Profile, please answer the questions that are applicable to you and your role at Hunter. If you have an existing profile, you can attach it or link to it at the end of the questions below. Please include a headshot photo that meets the requirements.

* Required