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Event Feeds

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About Event Feeds

Site editors will use the Events feeds to curate the main site Events area and the modules that use the Events Feeds throughout the site.

Section Editors will use the Site Section taxonomy to place their Events on their pages and create Archive Pages.


Where events display


screenshot of Hunter events landing page

Main Site Events Area

Hunter events landing page.


Screenshot of events module on Hunter homepage

Homepage Events

Module on the Hunter homepage displays events from the all Homepage events feed
A curated feed of upcoming events from the events calendar.
Examples: Performances, gallery openings, talks and author visits.

  • Events displayed on the homepage require images, but other events modules on the site do not.
  • Copy requires a headline AND a blurb.
  • Stories click through to event calendar entry.
  • Update regularly to stay current.



screenshot or page with events calendar feed circled in right column

Landing Page Events

Pages with a right column can show events feeds.


Section Page

A site section page may show event content from multiple feeds or 1 section.


Section Grid Events Feed

A page within a site section may show event feed content in a Grid Module from multiple feeds or 1 section.


Section Archive Page

And archive page with a site section may content event feed content from 1 section, with search and filters hidden