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Events Landing

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Events Landing Filters

annotated screenshot of Hunter events landing page

Hunter events landing page: #1 - filters, #2 upcoming events, #4 right column

Click on a filter (#1) and the event page refreshes, displaying only events in that filter chronologically by pub date, with the most recent events first.  Users may also search events. Filters include:

Find events by

    • Date
    • Keyword Search

Filter events by

    • Category
    • Venus
    • Organizers
    • Audience



Event Landing Main Content

All events are displayed (#2) in the list unless designated as a private event. The list shows 20 articles with links to next and previous events.

About the event list:

  • Events are displayed in reverse chronological order
  • The list displays 10 events and then pagination previous next links
  • Each event item on the list includes event date, title and blurb
  • The blurb is pulled from the first 150 characters of the event description
  • Event images are not displayed in the list, however an image will be pulled into feeds that are set to display images.



Right Column

The Events landing right column (#3) is managed in Events / Events Options and can only be edited by Site Editors.

How to configure the events right column.