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Photo & Video Permissions

This page includes:


Photo Permissions

Don’t use images that are not Hunter’s, or explicitly free, without permission or attribution.

Photos that are allowed:

Photos that are not allowed:

  • Images off a Google search
  • Photos from a Stock Photography site without payment (showing watermark)
  • Photos from from Flickr, Instagram, Facebook or any other user-generated content website


Photo Releases

  • In order to use a photo of an individual or a group of people on the web or in print, you must have a signed photo release form for each person who is visibly recognizable in the photograph. Crowd scenes where no single person is the dominant feature are exempt.
  • Release forms are available in the Communications Office or from Legal Affairs.

For more information about this policy, please contact the Communications Office at


Logo Usage

Using a trademark belonging to another person or company for informational or editorial purposes to identify specific products and services is permitted, as long as the logo is not altered in any way.



Crediting Photos

Referencing Stories From Another Website

When using an image from an outside source that will be linked to, add an attribution in the image itself so that the image is not used by someone else in the WordPress Media Library without the attribution.

In the bottom left corner of the 1600 x 900 image add:

  • Wording: Source: (Name of Source)
  • Font: Roboto 24 px (on 1600 x 900 or 768 x 768 images)
  • Color: black or white (depending on what is most viewable in the image)
  • Opacity: 75%

Example of source embedded in photo:



Using Videos

Videos should link to the original source once that link is available. If a video has to link to the Hunter YouTube channel initially, add a content expiration date in order to remember to redirect it to the original photo source.

More information on how to display videos on Hunter's website.