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Video Guide

There are two ways to add video to Hunters website:

Note: Videos cannot be uploaded to the Media Library due to file size.

Slideshow/Video Module

youtube video screenshot

Videos can be displayed in the Slideshow/Video module which is available on Pages, Profiles and News articles.

Video format options:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

A video ID is required to display videos. When viewing video on YouTube or Vimeo, the ID will be the unique part of the URL (at the end of the website address).

  • YouTube Example:
  • Vimeo Example:

More about the Slideshow/Video module


Basic Content Module

YouTube or Vimeo videos can be inserted into the WYSIWYG part of the Basic Content Module.

Use these shortcodes to place videos in line with other content. Paste into the 'text' tab replacing 'videoID' with the desired video ID

For YouTube videos: [hc_video src='youtube' id='videoID']

For Vimeo videos: [hc_video src='vimeo' id='videoID']

More about shortcodes