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Photos, Videos & Media Overview

This page includes:


Where to Get Photos

Adding photos to articles, events and other pages on the Hunter website can make them more attractive and engaging, while also conveying important information to users. But where can you find them?

Visit Where to Get Photos and learn the best resources.


Photos & Video Permission

Once photos and other images are found, what are the rules for using them on the Hunter website?

Visit Photo & Video Permissions and learn...

  • Which photos and videos to avoid
  • When to obtain a photo release form from individuals
  • Rules on Hunter logo usage
  • How to credit photos from another website
  • How to link to a video's original source


Media Library

The Media Library is a shared tool for organizing all media types, including photos, in the WordPress CMS.

Visit Media Library and get...

  • Tips to help keep the library organized
  • Instructions on how to use the Media Library


Photo Guide

These guidelines for photography will provide a better user experience and website performance.

See the Photo Guide for information on...

  • Standard sizes requirements
  • Image formats
  • Image optimization
  • Image naming conventions
  • Text or logos in images
  • Cropping when using the Hero - Flexible, Full Width module


Video Guide

It's easy to add videos to Pages, News, Profiles and more.

See the Video Guide for more information on...

  • Adding video
  • Video formats



Profile Photography

When it comes to photographing Hunter staff and faculty for Profile pages, and grouping students, staff and other members of the Hunter community together in promotional images, there are certain rules to follow.

See Profile Photography for tips on...

  • Cropping
  • Formatting
  • Optimizing


Photo Captions

Include a caption if the photo contains a person, place or situation that the reader may want to identify, or if a caption is needed to show how the photo relates to the text.

See Editorial Tips for more info on captions.