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Get Approval

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Get Approval

Approval should be secured from appropriate leadership before making any website updates or edits. See Roles and Access for more information.

Revisionize is a helpful tool for making changes and getting approval before posting. See Updating Pages for Approval to learn more about Revisionize.

Password protection is another helpful tool for getting approval on new pages. See Add a Password in Creating a New Page for more information.

Step 1: Confirm the update is desired

Before starting, confirm all website updates are desired by the leadership responsible for the Site Section.

Step 2: Draft the update

Make the desired change but do not publish it.

Step 3: Confirm the content is ready

Before getting approval, ensure content:

Step 4: Get approval

If the approver is a WordPress editor:

  • Send them a link to the draft. They must be logged into WordPress to see the draft.

If the approver is not a WordPress editor:

  • Save a screenshot of the entire page and email it to be reviewed.

Screenshot browser extensions for

Chrome Extensions
or Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

Safari Extension
Awesome Screenshot

  • Send them a link and the password to a password protected page. See Add a Password in Creating a New Page for more information.