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Welcome to the Hunter College Knowledge Base

This comprehensive, self-guided resource contains everything Hunter College employees need to know about maintaining the Hunter website and aligning it with Hunter and CUNY standards and goals.

Here you'll find detailed information about how to build and update pages in the WordPress CMS (Content Management System).

You'll also learn about the standards and expectations for keeping content accurate, fresh, engaging and accessible.

This guide aims to ensure:

  • Accessibility
    Hunter is committed to providing equal access to information technology for people with disabilities. For example, descriptive text labels must be used for links and alternative text for photos must be provided, which will help individuals using screen readers understand the content of the images. To learn more, visit the Accessibility Guide.
  • Accuracy & Consistency
    To ensure accuracy and consistency across the college, all content must be consistent with Hunter’s Course Catalog, Faculty & Staff Directory and the Hunter Factbook. Content should adhere to Hunter's Editorial, Visual Identity and Website Style Guides. Point to information in its correct location rather than repeating it so it can be updated once and conflicts can be avoided. See a list of Required Pages for Departments, Programs and Offices.
  • Being Up-to-Date
    For information on how to keep content fresh and engaging, consult the Events and News Knowledge Base pages, and learn how to use the Content Expiration tool so that time sensitive content can be removed or updated when necessary.
  • Appropriateness
    All website content must meet Hunter's standards for quality, accuracy and accessibility, and align with all CUNY policies and procedures (including the Security Policies and Procedures). For example, only Public data as defined in CUNY's Data Classification Standard is permitted on the website. Permission must be secured for all content on the website. Hunter reserves the right to edit or delete any content that is deemed inappropriate, and/or revoke permissions if necessary. To learn more about permissions, visit the Roles and Access page.