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Site Templates

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Site Templates Overview

In order to keep the website consistent for users, pages should be based off already established pages.

How this helps

  • Prioritizes the user, optimizing the user experience
  • Faster creation process
  • Live examples to show stakeholders


Site Sections

Below are example sections that could be used as templates for new content. Find the type of site section you'll be creating and look through the examples to see how to map new content.

School Departments


General Content

Special or Unique Content



Tips for Creation

Gather requirements
Request information about the website

  • Who is it for (who is the audience
  • What are the main goals (if not department website)
  • When must it be live
  • Who are you working with (stakeholders and content gatherers)

Outline new site section

  • Assess what current site sections may match this website (above)
  • Outline
    • What pages are needed, including what the left navigation would be (if applicable)
    • Modules that will be used on each page

Provide a list of needed content for stakeholders

  • Based on your outline above, create a document with the necessary content for the website section.
  • Be extremely specific about what is needed (character counts, photo sizes, etc) to use so they may provide the correct information.
  • In order to retain overall consistency on the Hunter website, the web team must ask for what is needed rather than letting the stakeholder drive the organization and content.

Create pages

  • Using the example site pages, to save time, you can clone the pages that are similar and adjust the content accordingly.
  • Where copy is needed, use lorum ipsum and fill in later when a copy writer is available.
  • Follow these instructions for page creation.
  • Make sure to add a password until the site section is approved.

Approval and launch

  • Get approval
  • Process for launch
    • Remove password protection on all pages, including left navigation and profiles
    • Add redirects
    • Send redirect list to Jacob Radford


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